Pretty exciting being able to offer some items from our farm for sale this year... We had our biggest garlic harvest in 5 years of growing and are offering some up for sale.

In this package you will get an 8oz bag of Whiskey Barrel Aged Nicaraguan Dipilto coffee and a half pound of our beyond organic grown German Red Garlic, which is 10+ heads. German Red Garlic is white on the outside but peel back the outer layers and reveal beautiful red skinned cloves. If you've never had farm fresh garlic before you need to try this stuff, it's delicious!

Whiskey Barrel Dipilto is a very large and high grade Nicaraguan bean that tastes like milk chocolate, toffee and tree nuts on its own... When aged in one of our bourbon barrels aromas of oaked vanilla, turbinado sugar and delicious booze are added! Get it!

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